3 Things For Calgary

3 things for calgary
What Are Your 3 Things?
[twitter]Mayor Nenshi is asking that people in the city do 3 Things for Calgary as a way to make life here better for all of us.

Last night at the ING Direct event, Orange For YYC, I sat on a pane with Peter Aceto and Lori Stewart and was asked to talk about my 3 Things for Calgary.

1. Cheer For The Flames.
I grew up in Vancouver, I’m a Canucks fan, but my boys are growing up in Calgary, and will probably be Flames fans. I buy them the gear, I take them to the games, and this season we will fly our C of Red a little higher (for 76 games, at least ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Engage My Politicians.
Calgary is lucky to have an active political base on Twitter and Facebook. With a few clicks I can reach my alderman, my MLA, .. .. just not my MP. I will continue to use these tools to engage the elected officials for two reasons: 1) to share my views and be involved in the process 2) to encourage them to do the same.

3. Become A YYC Ambassador.
Continue to use my voice in social media to raise Calgary’s (and Alberta’s) voice and place on the national and international stage. This truly is a place where community is celebrated, and has many ideas that could be shared around the world.

What are your 3 Things?

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