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[twitter]When I’m a radio guy, my office is a room with a microphone and some music.

When I’m a blogger, my office is anywhere I want it to be (as long as there is wifi).  In Calgary, that can mean a lot of places. Shaw Go WiFi is pretty ubiquitous, meaning I could write from a park bench on Prince’s Island if I could see my screen from the sun glare.

Usually it’s a cafe for the bloggerazzi that makes the best workspace.  Grab a cup of joe, a seat by an electrical outlet, toss on some headphones, and get to work.

This week I’ve been pulling up a chair at a long wooden bar next to a window in Inglewood at Gravity Cafe and Wine Bar.  And wouldn’t you know it? This place seems to be the blog headquarters for some of Calgary’s finest writers.  

Dinner with Julie was having a meeting with Elizabeth Booth, and then Dan Clapson showed up on the bench next to me. I shouldn’t have been surprised, it was writer Shelley Boettcher who recommended the place to me.

I’ve pulled writing sessions at Waves, Analog, and Higher Ground in the past, but Cafe Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar felt more like “being at the office.” I pounded through a half dozen posts, achieved inbox zero all in the company of other ‘professional bloggers.’

The mile high croissant and steaming mug of roiboos tea were just a bonus.

croissant and roiboos

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