2010-04-10 Drumheller - 17

Drumheller is only a 90 minute to 2 hour drive north east of Calgary, but we took our father/son time with the day and took the long scenic route home. We left just before 9a and returned just before 4p, covering 400km.

We saw the World’s Largest Dinosaur, visited the Royal Tyrrell Museum, crossed the suspension bridge in Rosedale and then climbed all over the hoodoos. It was a great full day and highly recommended as a family day trip.

It’s $3 to climb the dinosaur (at the Tourist Info Centre in Drumheller) and it offers a view from the mouth of the Red Deer River valley. The day we went up was very very windy. The dino swayed when we were at the top making our stay short,

The wind limited our exploration of the Royal Tyrrell Museum grounds. There are pathways to explore that we will save for the summer, instead we wandered the fabulous displays inside. At nearly 3, Zacharie wasn’t totally interested in the skeletons and information. We discovered the lax security in the gift shop and did the whole exhibit in reverse after I chased Z through the rear entrance.

We doubled back through Drumheller and went southeast of the town (which, by the way, recognizes the dinosaur motif that makes the town famous by having them appear in every park and random street corners) to visit a historic suspension bridge in Rosedale and the hoodoos. The bridge was suitably swingy, the hoodoos were smaller and less remarkable than I’d expected.

Here are some photos from our day and a great video on the Royal Tyrrell Museum done by Michael Kwan.

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