How To Stay Warm During A Calgary Winter | Singing Tweets Video

[twitter] Simply, one of the most epic and effective uses of social media you’ll ever see. The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra asked the twitter people of Calgary how they’d stay warm during a Calgary winter.

The submitted tweets that used the hashtag #cpowarmup or replied to the @Calgary Twitter handle were compiled and turned into a twitter first (based on internet and social media searches) – a tweet compilation sung by a philharmonic chorus.

Chorus Master Timothy Shantz arranged 20 tweets into the riveting song performed by the Calgary Philharmonic Chorus. The performance, set to the classic song O Fortuna from the cantata Carmina Burana, was recorded on Tuesday, November 29 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. [Visit Calgary]

Here are the lyrics compiled from the submitted tweets and performed by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus:

O it’s winter, here in Calg’ry,
Now some tweets for keeping warm:
Hunker down and find your mittens. Make some really good mulled wine.
Sipping egg nog. Rocking a scarf. Put up a tree with the kids.
Bake warm bread and, cook some hot soup, or spicy cinnamon buns.
Raw Bar cocktails. Hi-fi clubbing. Winebar down in Kensington.
Splash some Baileys or Kaluha in your mug of hot cocoa.
Bowls of noodles. Warm hot chocolate. Gravy action on my cheese.
Calg’ry Flames shirts. Jasper Park Lodge. Tweet tweet til you feel the heat.
Try hot yoga! Or a nose hat! Or black silk long underwear!
Don’t forget toques. Little down vests. Line wool socks with plastics bags.
Clothes in dryer! Set the timer! Hop in to a warm outfit!
Yes it’s winter here in Calg’ry. Thanks for tweeting your tips to stay warm!!!

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