Inglewood Sunfest Pie Eating Contest

2010-07-31 inglewood

[twitter]I admit it, one of my favourite things about being in radio is being treated like a very small “c” celebrity. When there are openings, celebrations or fairs, people like myself get invited to participate in some fun shenanigans.

Take the Inglewood Sunfest this past weekend for example. To help drum up support and publicity for the community streetfair, the organizers invited some people with local influence to come down for an old fashioned pie eating contest. It was a fun event they knew we would get behind and tell our audiences about, thereby spreading the word about the Inglewood Sunfest.

It’s a win-win-win. Because guess who dug through their 6 inch blueberry pie from Nectar Desserts faster than Darren Krause of Metro, Mike Morrison of Mike’s Bloggity Blog and Tony Charron from Avenue (among others)?

You know it, baby.

Unlike my last competitive food eating endeavour, this one went down without a hitch. The key was having the pie stay together. We were allowed to pop it out of the tin, and I had mine sitting like a mushroom cap so I could actually bite it from the inside, instead of digging around in the middle from the top.

Loved it! What’s next? Repelling from 30 floors up the side of the Sun Tower in the 2010 Easter Seals Drop Zone.


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