Kids In Calgary: Disaster Alley

20120512 disaster alley - 04

Each year in early May, The Calgary Emergency Management Agency hosts Disaster Alley. It’s a collection of emergency vehicles from Police, Fire, Rescue, and the airport and kids LOVE it.

This free event is a huge hit with our boys as we made numerous laps of the Fire Training Academy (5727 – 23 Avenue SE). (Note the 2013 event has been moved to McMahon Stadium)

Firetrucks are open to climb in. Firehats are free to be tried on. Helicopters swoop in for landings. Police cars are ready for you can sit in. The bus driver will let you whonk the horn. Emergency response crews repel from towers.

Did I mention climbing in firetrucks?

20120512 disaster alley - 03

20120512 disaster alley - 06 20120512 disaster alley - 01

20120512 disaster alley - 07

Disaster Alley comes at the end of Emergency Preparedness Week and is meant to give the public the opportunity to learn how first responders react to an emergency and how they can prepare for a crisis.

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