Lake Bonavista Hockey Tournament, 1981-82


[twitter]Calgary is the home to some pretty memorable events in my life. Even before I packed up my family and came east, I had been to Cowtown and created some long lasting memories. I shot a national tv commercial here, ripped it up at Stampede and had the greatest moments in my hockey career in Calgary.

Lake BonavistaIn the spring of 1981 I bought a denim cowboy hat and came to Calgary to play in the Lake Bonavista Hockey Tournament. As goalie of the Richmond Rep B Whites we won the tournament that year, and the next. In the first year I was named an MVP.

Here’s the freaky part – some 28 years after that event not only do I still have some pictures from climbing around the new houses being built in Lake Bonavista, I also have the tournament trophy and MVP medal.

As we’re packing up our North Vancouver house for the move to Calgary, I found the box with my hockey trophies and had Zacharie pose with the awards.

Hopefully it’s not a Stanley Cup situation and in a few years, if we’re still in Calgary, he can play in the same tournament as his father and win the same awards.

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