[twitter]We’re about to get back into that routine. After a season of vacations, road trips, and long weekends, for me, the beginning of September feels like the true start of a new year. After so much time in flux over the summer, the fall is really when we get buckled down and back into a serious routine.

Ah yes. Routine. What a nasty word.

Research commissioned by American Express Canada found that three-quarters of us admit to not exploring our own cities. We will dig into travel guides and itineraries for the places we go and visit, but when it comes to our own backyard, we have a routine. Almost everyone in the project agreed that exploring our home towns helps us live a full life, but we get stuck doing A-B, and get bogged down by our busy schedules.

Eight-seven per cent say they would be happier with a daily dose of inspiration to help fuel their passions and interests, so all summer long people have been pointing to their favourite places to share with their neighbours via the #InspiredBy hashtag.

American Express Canada gathered them in one convenient map for people in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

InspiredBy Map of Calgary

Half of the people in the survey said it is a lack of confidence, and recommendations that holds them back from exploring new places, so that’s why we have these maps. No more excuses.

As I get geared up for fall with training for another Team Diabetes Marathon, this time in Bermuda in January, this map has been a great place to discover new routes to go running. Sure, I’ll run the stairs in Sunnyside, or the Bow River pathways. Now it’s time to get out and discover Fish Creek Park and Bowmont Park.

The list of Farmer’s Markets and foodie hangouts is also promising to get out and enjoy the fall harvest. I can’t wait!!

Go to the maps, and share the link with your friends in your Facebook feed. Maybe even add your own place in the comments and help spread the secret places where you go to get #InspiredBy.

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