Calgary Stampede Midway Food
The countdown to the Calgary Stampede is on.

You may look forward to the rides, rodeo, or beer gardens at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, but sandwiched in between all that is a littanous list of Stampede Midway Food. There are classics and fresh additions every year, and this year the creativity of what one can deep fry and put on a stick knows no bounds, again.

For the past few years, Stampede Midway food vendors have tried to kick up the interest with scorpion pizza and other bug infused treats. Deep fried, sweet, sticky, boozy, and “on a stick” have always remained popular trends for the Stampede Midway and this year’s new food offerings stick with that trend.

The bugs are back this year, in the form of Sticky Toffee Bug Balls (made with meal worms and crickets). There’s also Beaver Balls, Deep Fried Tequila, and Venison Dogs. Yes, friends, wander between the rides and you’ll find Steak and Guinness Cornish Pasties, Teriyaki Chicken Perogies, Pretzel Dogs,  Poutine Corn Dogs, and Mac and Cheese Stuffed Burgers.

And that’s just the start.

Here’s a look at 5 highlights on the list of new Calgary Stampede Midway Foods for 2016.

Saturday Morning Beaver Balls

Saturday Morning beaver balls

These scrumptious deep fried little dough balls are cooked to golden perfection and then tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Saturday Morning Balls are topped with Fruit Loops cereal, fresh raspberries, and a touch of condensed milk! These are everything you wanted Saturday morning breakfast to be!  

Fruit Infused Grilled Cheese

stampede grilled cheese

Grilled cheese gets taken to a whole new level. Fruit infused cheese creates a mind blowing, rainbow colored experience. A perfect combination of blueberry, strawberry and kiwi makes this a must try!

Sticky Toffee Bug Balls

sticky toffee bug balls at calgary stampedeDon’t be alarmed….these tasty deep fried little dough balls are cooked to golden perfection and then tossed in cinnamon and sugar. This takes mini donuts to a gourmet level. Old fashioned homemade toffee sauce covers the balls before they are topped with finely chopped medjool dates. The whole thing is then served in a canoe with fresh whipped cream and sprinkled with meal worms and crickets.

The Golden Grasshopper Pie Pop

family freezed grasshopper pie

This take on the classic grasshopper pie has a creme de menthe base with a chocolate cookie inside. The pop is hand dipped in dark chocolate and has crickets throughout. This is a show stopper has edible gold flakes sprinkled on top! Other new pop flavors include The Guilded Wilder Worm Pop, The Nutella Pretzel Ice Pop, Cotton Candy Ice Pop, PB & J Pop

Deep Fried Tequila Shot Bites

deep-fried tequila

These non-alcoholic shot bites take deep fried treats to a whole new level by frying tequila flavoured cake bites until they are perfectly golden brown and topped off with icing sugar. Have a shot with friends and family Stampede style.

Last year, I thought the best Calgary Stamepede Midway food was the Dragon Dog, the mini donut pops were spectacular, and the Naaco team took home another title.

This year? I think it will be all about Beaver Balls and Rainbow Grilled Cheese. You can see the complete list of 34 New Calgary Stampede Midway Foods for 2016 here.

Images via Calgary Stampede.

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