[twitter]It’s Olympic season and, once again, I am feeling the nationalism that comes with amazing feats of athleticism.

I wish I was an Olympian. It was a dream of mine, I never had the skill, and one I hope my boys might be able to carry forward for me. The best goosebump moments of my life and have been meeting Olympians. People like Alex Bilodeau, Jenn Heil and Christine Sinclair.

If you’ve got the Olympic spirit, there’s a great place to bring that kind of energy to your life, the WinSport Performance Training Centre. Located at Canada Olympic Park in the Markin MacPhail Centre, this is where the athletes train – and it’s open to the public.




The facilities are fantastic. All members get fitness testing, have programs set up by trainers, and can get advice from the experts who work the floor. And, who knows, you just might see the bobsleigh team, women’s hockey team, or some ski jumpers working the machines right next to you.

It’s gorgeous.




WinSport’s Performance Training Centre

Primarily built to cater to the needs of our Canadian National Team athletes, public memberships are available with the same world leading services offered. In no other public fitness centre in Calgary will you be prescribed performance programming by the experts who regularly do the same for our national team athletes. In fact, not only will you benefit from exceptional programming, but regularly have the unique and inspiring experience of seeing and being seen training with the nation’s. . .the world’s best athletes.

Prescribed Performance Programming

WinSport’s combination of high-end equipment, professional sport trainers and support specialists will create a tailored program that will maximize your physical performance and give your results. To develop your custom plan you’ll go through the following steps.

1. Initial Consultation and Health Screening
During your first session you’ll review your personal goals with your exercise sport specialist to start the planning process in developing a training plan. Establishing SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and time frame) goals is an important process to achieving optimal performance.

Based on your goals, a tailored fitness/performance assessment will be individualized. In your initial 2-hour consultation, your medical history will be reviewed, and you’ll have a screening for health conditions (e.g. cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic diseases, pregnancy, orthopedic injury). Your specialist will ensure you are safe to participate in a successful exercise testing and training regime.

2. Tailored Assessment and Program Design
Just as any national team athlete would have sport specific testing, so will you! You’ll participate in an individual tailored assessment based on your performance goals. Components in this 2-hour session may include body composition, maximal or submaximal aerobic assessment, anaerobic capacity, functional, muscular strength and endurance. All testing is conducted by certified exercise professionals.

3. Nutrition Consultation
Each member will receive a one-hour individual consult with a registered dietician who specializes in sport performance and has reviewed your test results.

4. Results & Program Explanation
Your final step in your program design process is a two-hour session with a sport exercise professional explaining your test results and the designed comprehensively Yearly Training Plan they will have prescribed for you. In addition, you’ll receive a full fitness floor orientation and equipment demonstrations. The goal is to assure you have the confidence and tools to start your new program!

Annual – $2400
Non cancellable within 12 month period. Expires in 12 months.

Month to Month – $1400 up front and $210 monthly starting at month 6
Cannot be cancelled during the first 6 months of the membership
Does not expire

Membership Benefits

In addition to your percrsibed performance training program, your membership includes:

• Sport trainers and coaches on the floor at all times to assist during workouts
• Spacious high-end change rooms that include steam room, towel service, toiletries, complimentary day lockers and lock
• Complimentary Under Armour apparel package
• Access to 250 metre indoor running track
• A La Carte access to Alberta’s first ever PowerWatts Cycling Studio ‘The Chamber’
• Complimentary access to public skate sessions at Markin MacPhail Centre
• On-site Garden Cafe that has healthy food options, including smoothies and a salad bar, plus Starbucks
•15% discount on WinSport Alpine or Cross Country Winter Season Passes, Mountain Bike Summer Passes or Year Round Passes at Canada Olympic Park
• Access to future sport medicine clinic services
• Motivating experience of training at the same place as Canada’s best high performance athletes!

Thanks to the WinSport Performance Training Centre for supporting my Team Diabetes training in exchange for this branded content.

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