spring in calgary

Shaganappi Golf Course | SW Calgary | March 30, 2013

[twitter]Spring in Calgary is a bit of a fickle beast. March brings the heaviest snows of the year, and it’s rare to see anything popping from the ground until well into April.

In Vancouver, cherry blossoms popped during the 2010 Olympics, in February. April would often bring a visit to La Conner for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

In Calgary, however, spring is celebrated whenever the temperature gets above zero and stays for a day or so. The snow never really disappears until nearly summer, so despite there still being snow on the course, the opening day of the Shaganappi Point Golf Course driving range was worth celebrating.

I took Zacharie for his first swings of a big boy club, and he loved it. Spring is here.


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