Seen In Calgary #2: The C Of Red

C of Red #yyc

The C of Red | Calgary Saddledome | January 20, 2013

[twitter]There was a period of time in 2004, when the Calgary Flames had the best selling sports jersey in North America. The flaming C outsold the Yankees, the Packers, the Bears, the Lakers, the Bruins, the Leafs. Sales of the red home jersey were so strong during the playoffs that CCM stopped production on all other team jerseys in order to keep up with demand of Flames uniforms. Go to a Calgary Flames game and you’ll appreciate the volume of jerseys that have been sold. If you don’t wear your red to a Calgary Flames home game, you’re missing out.

The C of Red is a great play on words that describes the entire Saddledome crowd. In Nashville, they get yellow. In Philly, they get Orange. But those are free tshirts flopped over the back of each seat. In Calgary, this is a passionate and fan-bred endeavour. For the 2013 home opener, flashing sticks were handed out to each fan to add some sparkle to the C of Red.


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