wonderland at the bow

Wonderland at The Bow | Downtown Calgary | March 10, 2013

[twitter]Wonderland is a 12 meter sculpture created by Jaume Plensa standing outside The Bow Tower. It is the face of a young girl created by a mesh grid with doorways on either side of the base.

Is it Alice? Perhaps. The idea is you step inside the head and explore your dreams – Alice’s Wonderland? Perhaps.

‘My vision for Wonderland is to inspire everyone who experiences the sculpture: I believe the architecture of our bodies is the palace for our dreams’ said Plensa.

I took the boys to Wonderland this weekend, and their first thought was to climb on the sculpture (something that is not allowed). But they loved the idea of stepping inside the head and exploring their dreams. Something they eagerly told me was filled with spaceships and stormtroopers.

It’s a gorgeous display at the base of the Bow. In the 10 minutes we spent there on a sunny Sunday, there were many other people stopping and taking pictures, and admiring what is now a wonderful wonderland of architectural glory.

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