[twitter]It will snow all year in Calgary. It has. It will. It does.

In 2014, the last snowfall before summer was the week before Mother’s Day. The next snowfall was today, the week after Labour Day.

That means spring, summer, and fall lasted a combined 4 months. Snow in summer is not a weird occurrence in Calgary. It has snowed during the Calgary Stampede. It has snowed on the August long weekend. It will snow in spring, summer, and fall again.

We’re in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our elevation is 3400 ft. We’re right in that spot where the jetstream seems to want to dance. One day it flies high, the next it dips low.

Yesterday was 26 degrees. We were at the beach digging in the sand getting burned.

Summer Snow In Calgary

Today we built snowmen and had hot chocolate.

Snow in summer. It’s what life on the prairies is all about.


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