With the Calgary Stampede canceled for 2020, many people are looking for ways to build community and come together in responsible ways to celebrate western heritage and culture. What better way to prove #TogetherWeGoFar than by getting together with friends for some rides during #PelotonStampede?!

You might think riding a Peloton is a thing you do on your own, but the greatest thing Peloton has managed to build through the bike is … community.

From the annual Homecoming event to local Facebook groups to riding teams surrounding instructors, Peloton has taken what might look like a solo activity and built a vibrant and robust community around it. We don’t ride on our own, we hit that leaderboard, we encourage our friends, we chase personal bests, we build community. 

So, with all that in mind, and the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth sidelined for 2020, the Calgary Peloton Riders at #YYCPeloton have come together to create a schedule of rides to bring out the best of the Calgary Stampede.

We will ride live together, we will celebrate the visionary showmanship of Guy Weadick, we will get down to prove the variety of music celebrated during Stampede, and of course there will be lots of country. From yoga to weights to meditation to walks to rides, here’s the schedule of what to expect during #PelotonStampede.

Thu Jul 2- 3:15p MDST
LIVE RIDE! 45 Min All For One 2020
Kristin – 20 Min Country Yoga Flow [17/5/19]

Fri Jul 3 11a MDST
Robin – 30 Min Greatest Showman Ride [16/11/18]Andy – 10 Min Full Body Stretch [10/8/18]

Sat Jul 4 8a MDST
Alex – 20 Min 90s Hip Hop Ride [27/3/20]Denis – 20 Min Country Ride [29/6/20]

Sun Jul 5 9a MDST
Denis – 45 Min 90s Country Ride [25/3/18]Jen – 10 Min Core Strength [9/1/19]

Mon Jul 6 10a MDST
Olivia – 30 Min Country Ride [18/11/19]Chelsea – 10 min Breathing Meditation [9/6/20]

Tue Jul 7 4p MDST
Jess – 45 Min Music Fest Ride [24/8/19]Selena – 10 Min Glutes and Legs Stretch [10/7/19]

Wed Jul 8 7a MDST
Matt – 30 Min Country Ride [30/6/20]Ross – 30 Min Country Yoga Flow [25/11/19]

Thu Jul 9 12p MDST
HMC – 30 Min Y2K Country Ride [1/6/19]

Fri Jul 10 3p MDST
Robin – 30 Min Dolly Parton Ride [26/6/20]Selena – 20 Min Country Outdoor Fun Walk [29/8/19]

Sat Jul 11 8a MDST
Ally – 60 Min Country Ride [4/7/19]

Sun Jul 12 8a MDST
45 Min All For One More  [3/7/20]Selena – 10 Min Bodyweight Strength [9/11/18]

Ride with the team or on your own, just remember #TogetherWeGoFar!

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