The Best Part Of Living In Calgary

[twitter]I’ve gone on about this before, but tonight it is being underlined. Again.

Calgary is about community. We are a city that looks out for each other. Calgary Stampede may have a reputation of being one of the biggest piss-up parties on the planet, but it’s also a celebration of community.

It’s a time when people come together, break bread, and get to know their neighbours. It’s a time when people volunteer to put on The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

Tonight, as Calgary is flooded and 10% of the city is on mandatory evacuation, Calgary is showing it’s spirit again.

Emergency shelters are turning people away tonight, not because they are full, but because they have too many volunteers. So many people want to give and help their neighbour, that they have enough. They’re turning volunteers away.

And how much do you want to bet that tomorrow morning, someone will set up a griddle on a sidewalk and serve pancakes to those who worked all night to keep the city safe? Guaranteed.

Love it.

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