Transit and Jann Arden Celebrate Calgary

Calgary skyline from spruce cliffs

We had a mini family reunion in Vancouver this weekend for my mom’s 65th birthday. My brother from Seattle, my sister from Toronto/Montreal/Paris and me from Calgary.

I grew up in Vancouver and BC, but I’ve lived in Calgary for a year and a half now and a few things happened this weekend to underline where my new home is.

While watching the Whitecaps v Red Bulls game at Empire Field, the guy next to me asked me about my iPhone and what my plan was like. I told him then said “but I’m from Calgary” so my plan would be different. (Until recently, I’d always hesitated when responding to the question “where are you from?”)

As the WestJet flight landed and the attendant came on and said “..if Calgary is your home, welcome home..”

And I thought, yup – I’m home. Then this morning I caught this great track Calgary (We Are Not All Cowboys) from Transit featuring Jann Arden landed in my inbox with a lyric that has stayed with me:

Everywhere I go, these people they ask me
Where is your home now?
And I tell them it’s Calgary.

With the Lilac Festival in the books, summer/spring can now start.

It’s good to be home.

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