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If you want one of the good spots to go camping in Alberta Parks, you need to reserve one.

All Alberta Parks will be open for the season to book on February 22, 2016. The two weeks before that will be reserved for Group Camping and Comfort Camping.

How To Reserve A Campsite In Alberta Parks For 2016

Set up an account at Reserve.AlbertaParks.ca. Do this in advance so that you’re ready to go the moment reservations are opened.

Choose the campsite and campground you want. You’ll need to plan your dates ahead of time, but the Alberta Parks site gives you lots of information about each site, including photographs and panoramic visuals. This will help you choose sites near amenities, with privacy, or close together for those traveling with friends and family.

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Here are some more places where you can research Alberta Parks. Here are reviews of all the campgrounds we’ve stayed at as well as how to get the best site at Alberta’s best campground, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.

Reserve your campground early!  Group Camping opens Monday Feb 8 at 9am and you can reserve for the entire season. Comfort Camping opens Tuesday Feb 16 at 9am and you can reserve for the entire season.  Regular Campsites open Monday Feb 22 (by region*): Restricted to the 90 day window. *South: 9am; Kananaskis: 11am; Central: 1pm; Northeast and Northwest: 3pm.

Here’s a handy daily numbered calendar tool to find out exactly when the reservation system will open for your desired weekend. For example, 90 days from February 22 is May 23, the Victoria Day long weekend.

Call or book online. If you’re not comfortable with the internets, you can phone  1-877-537-2757 (toll-free in North America) to make your reservation.

Get geared up with official branded merchandise that celebrates Alberta Parks. The online eStore has tshirts, hoodies, hats, and other supplies to show you love exploring the great outdoors and supporting Alberta Parks.

Alberta Parks Clothing
Gear available from Alberta Parks’ eStore

Really, all you need is a little bit of planning and research to make sure you have a great camping experience. Get your account ahead of time, no where and when you want to go, and you’re good to go camping in Alberta Parks!

Disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Alberta Parks.

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