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Maybe it has something to do with A Christmas Story. The Red Ryder BB Gun is so much a part of the plot, the kid wants one so bad, that all parents think that kids want a gun for Christmas. I mean what kid wouldn’t want a handy air rifle? Well, as much as I hate even toy guns being played with in our house, I get that the good vs evil thing is something kids role play.

Still, this Christmas has a different feeling to it around guns. A week after 26 people were murdered in a school. A day after 2 firefighters were ambushed at an arson. On Christmas Day, a day for peace, love and family. People were giving their children guns.

For Christmas? Really? Is America ready to give up their right to bear arms? Based on media stories, one would think the trend is rising.

Still, people in the US love them some guns, you just had to scan Twitter for “Christmas gun” on Christmas morning to see the people gleeful to open a package of bullets and a piece of steal for which to fire them. Little kids were getting them:

Moms were giggling about how well guns go with toasters, Keurigs, and wine kits:

And a lot of them were pink:

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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