Zeitgeist Dismisses Religion As Nothing More Than Sun Worship

[twitter]If you believe in god, if you go to church, if you pray, you are not worshipping a bearded saviour – you are honouring the sun.

Yes, the sun. The bright star in the sky.

Zeitgeist is a 2007 movie that starts by totally dispelling any reason for religion to have a legitimate foundation, before fading in to 9/11 conspiracy theories. While I’m still skeptical about some elements of that 2001 day, it’s the the opening scenes about religion that had my jaw drop.

I have recently accepted that I am an atheist, and have no desire to put any faith or belief in the bearded man in the sky. I have become increasingly more aware of how religion has infiltrated society, and how it has no place in a modern secular society.

Take 25 minutes and watch this. God is nothing more than the sun. Christianity nothing more than a tool invented by men to control the population.

In fairness, here is a rebuttal from the Centre of Public Christianity.

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