A Day Out With Thomas The Train at Calgary’s Heritage Park

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[twitter]Every year, just before the official season opening for Heritage Park, Thomas the Train comes by for a visit. Over 2 weekends in May “A Day Out With Thomas” is celebrated as kids clamour around the park taking train rides, playing with train sets, getting their faces painted and posing for pictures with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt.

The rides with Thomas were fun, the posing for pictures was great but what really made the Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park was the staff. The engineers and hosts were really enjoying themselves and took time to make sure every kid felt like an extra special Junior Conductor – it was perfect.

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There are actually 7 Thomas engines that roll around North America to special events in different regions. The engine isn’t “really” an engine, he’s more of a prop pushed around by a real engine in behind. Still the detailed in the model, the bright colours and the smoke puffing from the stack make every child believe.

Heritage Park opens for the season next weekend, Thomas will no doubt be back next year.

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