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extreme couponing canada

I wish we could do that more Extreme Couponing in Canada, but most of our stores won’t allow coupon stacking, they don’t double the value of coupons and our prices start at a higher level. I don’t think we’ll ever see the day of saving 97% of an $750 grocery bill in Canada. (Which may be a good thing, how many toothbrushes and deodorant sticks do you need?!)

However, there are ways to save a lot of money when doing your grocery shopping in Canada, and the good news – it’s not that extreme.

Have a listen to this interview I did with Nathan Engels, aka Mr Coupon. He was featured on Extreme Couponing and explains some of the ways anyone can go about getting the best deal, even in Canada.

– stores still accept coupons, so use them!
– find promo products on the internet
– buy the cheapest unit price
– when something goes on sale, buy extra

Sarah Deveau, author of Money Smart Mom, has a great blog with more insight and the key piece of gold you need – the minimum price list. Sarah’s spreadsheet tracks the price she pays for the items she shops for so she knows whether or not a deal is a deal.

Knowing your prices is important, so when you see that minimum price hit – stock up. Sarah’s family goes through 2 bags of bagels a week. They’re usually $3 a bag. Every now and again they go on sale for $1 and she’ll buy 20 bags. That’s a quick $5/week savings. Boom!

money saving mom price list
Money Smart Mom's Minimum Price List

The other way to add to your savings is to collect points. Sarah has a great breakdown of how to maximize Air Miles reward miles. With her minimum price list in tow, Sarah can navigate the usually more expensive aisles of Safeway and still come out ahead. (that’s her spreadsheet for this weekend above)

Extreme Air Miles weekends are held periodically at Safeways across the country. My flyer for Calgary this weekend says they are doing Extreme Air Miles at $100 for 100 miles. Good deal.

BUT in the community of Airdrie, 15 minutes north of Calgary, they are doing Extreme Air Miles where you will get 250 points for $100 and 500 points for $200! Once again, Sarah took to her minimum price spreadsheet and the Safeway flyer and will team great deals and Air Miles bonuses to come out way ahead.

Air Miles are great for travel, but you can also trade them for gift cards at about a value of 12.5 cents per mile. One smart grocery trip can bring you $60+ in gift cards, perfect for Christmas gifts!

You can’t Extreme Coupon in Canada, but if you’re smart there are great ways to get extreme savings. Visit Sarah’s blog for more tips and send her an email if you’d like her spreadsheet.

What are your tips for Extreme Couponing in Canada?

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