I’m Proud To Be An iParent

oh hai! i no break gadgets, see? so I can haz iPhone now?

[twitter]This morning’s Globe and Mail features an article on kids and technology. I was interviewed by the author, Dakshana Bascaramurty, about Zacharie and how he’s turned into Toddler 2.0 by grabbing at the iPhone.

Zacharie Bishop wriggled around in his booster seat, gawking at the flurry of activity around him at a Vancouver restaurant.

As the two-year-old repeatedly stood up and sat back down, his mother, nibbling on an order of French toast, tried to distract him with crayons and scribble pad. No dice.

“Hey, do you want to watch a cartoon or play a game?” his father, Buzz Bishop, recounts asking.

“Yeah!” Zacharie chirped.

And then, as Mr. Bishop had done countless times before, he whipped out his iPhone and handed it to the toddler.

With ease, Zacharie used his nimble little fingers to navigate his way into the National Film Board application and play The Cat Came Back video. Captivated by the animation, he sat quietly in an iTrance for the rest of the meal.
[Globe and Mail]

The commenters have gang tackled at the end of this article preaching about how technology and iPhones have no place with children. Sure, it’s an expensive toy to give a child, but to have on hand to momentarily distract? It’s a lifesaver.

On the weekend I made a holiday visit to a colleague and while he was collecting some paperwork for me, I entertained a 2, 4, and 5 year old for 15 minutes by dazzling them with iPhone apps.

Wood blocks, arts and crafts, songs and books are staples of my son’s playspace, the iPhone is just a convenient addition to make life a little easier in this modern world.

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