How To Get A Letter From The Queen For A Wedding Anniversary

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March 17, 1945. That was the date my grandparents were married. Do the math and you see this week they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

An impressive accomplishment worthy of a congratulatory letter from The Queen, don’t you think?

My uncle did, so he did a little digging and found out it’s pretty darn easy to get a congratualatory letter from The Governor General’s Office and HRH The Queen of England.

Here’s how yo do it:

Fill out a form at the Governor General’s website.

That’s it.

The GG will send a letter out easily, HRH limits it to people celebrating 100th birthdays or more and being married 60 years or more (and you’ll need a certificate of proof).

You can also get a congratulatory letter or certificate from the Prime Minister.

Catholics can apply through their local diocese to receive a special blessing from The Pope.

You don’t have to wait for a major anniversary to get something cool from The President of The United States of America. If you invite Barack Obama to your wedding and The First Lady will send a letter of congratulations. (It’s proper wedding etiquette – she HAS to)

Many other heads of state and dignitaries will offer their congratulations as well (celebrities, athletes, mayors..) – you just have to ask.

Yes, it’s a form letter, but in an era of fees and surcharges, most of these letters are free, their accomplishments worthy of notice and the smiles of appreciations from the recipients huge.

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