On Falling In Love With My Son

2008-08-18 nathans famous

[twitter]Jen went to Whistler this week on business. She didnt want to go. She had to go. For the first time in our son’s life Jen wouldn’t be there to kiss him goodnight, for 4 nights in a row. It killed her to leave.

Since my work schedule doesn’t allow for me to get off in time to pick Z up from daycare, I took the week off to look after Le Grand Monsieur.

Just Z and me. A boy’s week of staying up late, not cleaning our rooms, and drinkin’ milk from the carton.

Now I’ve always loved my son, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t really spent a lot of time with him. I see him for a couple hours in the morning, he has a nap and then it’s off to daycare. Jen picks him up mid afternoon, plays around with him, gives him dinner, bathes him and puts him down. By the time I get home, near 8, he’s asleep.

So I get about 2 hours of awake time with Z each day during the week.

But this week, I’ve had him 24/7 – and what a week it’s been. We’ve been to a baseball game, the Aquarium, the park, grocery shopping, out for ice cream, walks and I took him to the PNE for his first bite of mini donut.

I’ve tried to make things better by snapping pictures of our Father / Son adventures and emailing them to Jen throughout the day so she can feel like she’s with us.

A Week With Zacharie
A Week Alone With Zacharie

Yes, I’ve tossed him in daycare a couple of times so he can play with his peeps, and I catch up on laundry and the like, but we’ve had some serious father/son time to get to know each other.
Tonight was just the best example.

We headed off to Ambleside around 5 for a seawall walk and a picnic. We pointed at planes, he got to walk without the stroller, and then we had gyoza and chirachi sushi.

When we got back to our park, I unleashed him for some run around time in the biggest green area we could find. I swung him around like a helicopter. I tossed him up on my shoulders and galloped like a horse. Then we chased each other. Him walking, me running around him like a border collie until he laughed so hard he’d fall down.

After that we visited La Casa Gelato for a late night treat that had him giggling every time another spoonful of french vanilla neared his lips.

People have remarked how happy our son is. How beautiful his demeanor is. Jen always remarks about what a joker and lovable kid we have. I see it for a couple hours a day, but this week I got to see it shine.

Honestly, I thought I was going to have a stressful week of schedule and diapers and bottles and feedings and naps. But it wasnt like that at all. Instead of staying home, we got out – we had fun.

Sure, we stayed up past our bedtime, and missed a bath or two – but this was a boy’s week.

And honestly? Pretty near the best week of my life.

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