Stanley Park in Calgary

[twitter]Stanley Park is celebrating its 125th Anniversary, and the title of Best City Park In The World. Let’s be clear, though, it is Stanley Park in Vancouver, is celebrating all those accolades.

Calgary also has a Stanley Park, and while not nearly as dramatic, big, or beautiful, it’s a very quaint place alongside the Elbow River in the Calgary community of Parkhill. It has tennis courts, lawn bowling, outdoor pool, playgrounds, a baseball diamond, large lawns, and is part of the Elbow River Pathway system used by lots of runners and riders.

If you’re from Vancouver and you live in Calgary, there is a spot that you can go to feel like you’re hiking Lynn Canyon or deep in the North Shore Trails. This isn’t that, but for homesick Vancouverites it’s still fun to say “let’s go to Stanley Park for the day!”

stanley park calgary

Much of Stanley Park was under water during the Calgary flood, but you wouldn’t know it from just walking around.  After seeing a tweet from @raflopez on his run through Stanley Park, we decided it would be the perfect place for a fall walk along the water.

stanley park in calgary

Wandering through Stanley Park amongst the tall trees and big leaves is one of our favorite things to do in Vancouver and while this was wasn’t Stanley Park,  it was still  a beautiful fall walk exploding in crisp colors along the water.


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