Valentines Day Shopping Made Easier With PayPal

[twitter]I’m an online shopper. I love it. I like to find the deals on my own. I like to comparison shop and save money.

This year I’m using PayPal for my Valentine’s Day shopping. Many of the same places where you can use your credit card, you can use PayPal. It’s a safe and secure way to keep your credit card information out of the hands of third parties, and if you link your PayPal account to your bank, it’s just like paying cash so you stay out of debt (something I’m a fan of).

logo_paypalI was thrilled to find out you can use PayPal for travel. With a long weekend coming up in Alberta right after Valentine’s Day, I wanted to spoil my wife for a weekend away in Edmonton. They have one of the biggest malls in the world, and an exhibit of Princess Diana‘s dresses just arrived in town.

I used PayPal to grab 3 nights at a hotel through Hotwire. I saved about 15% over the rack rate and did it all with just a few easy clicks.

While we are in Edmonton, we will also be checking out the Star Wars Identities exhibit at the Telus World of Science. My boys are HUGE Star Wars fans and we’ve been talking about redecorating their rooms from the baby cartoonish characters to tossing up some great art from Etsy.

The best part about using PayPal on a site like Etsy, is I don’t have to worry about my credit card information being passed on to the seller. It’s like making an easy bank transfer between buyer and seller, and I can pay with confidence.

We decided on a collection of 8 wall decals that will recreate the Millennium Falcon, X Wing Fighters, and Tie Fighters all duelling around the Death Star. Pretty cool.

paypal and etsy


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