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It’s been about a year since my Grandmother passed away.

One of the things we all miss is getting together and playing cards around the table at family get togethers. On her memorial table, along with knitting needles, her photo and a cup of her favourite tea, was a deck of cards. She was active in the local Bridge group and cards just played a big part of her social life.

Our family has scattered from Toronto to Montreal to Vancouver to Paris to Calgary and Seattle, so getting together to play cards isnt as easy as it used to be.

So to help my grandfather stay connected and entertained in the absence of his partner, we organized Family Game Nights – online. The best solution we found was picking a room at Yahoo! Games and to play Hearts. We meet every second Tuesday and play for a few hours chatting about kids and wedding plans and cracking jokes and teasing each other as if we were gathered around his kitchen table at Christmas.

Honestly, the Yahoo! Games interface is awful. The graphics are time travel back to the early days of Windows. Everything is pixelated, the chat window is small but that’s not what’s important. Bringing the family together for a game of cards is important and for that it works just fine.

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  1. Yves March 16, 2011 at 5:05 am

    It is awesome…..

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