If you think that you’ve found “The One” and you are ready to take things forward, then congratulations! It’s time to buy an engagement ring and make it all official. Proposing someone and telling them “I Do” is a crazy and exciting thing. You are all caught up in romance and love, and there is no better feeling than it.

However, you need to understand that engagement rings are significant in this whole process. So, make sure that you do everything that it takes to buy a perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Here is a brief guide of choosing the right ring for your partner:

Know their Size

Imagine if the ring that you select with all your heart and soul doesn’t fit in your partner’s ring. Of course, it would be the last thing that would want to happen. So, it is essential that you know their size and then chooses a ring that fits them perfectly. It is primarily vital if you are going for a pre-made ring.

Spy on Their Preference

The most important thing that you want when you go for shopping is that your partner likes it. While it can be a little hard to know what your partner wants, you can still take a hint. All you have to do is observe their day to day choices and then figure out what they would like. While it is important that your partner likes the ring, you still don’t have to worry much about it. It is because when they love you truly, they know that you have done everything you could to make it perfect.

Select the Metal

Sure, diamond matter, but the metal it is going to sit also matters the most. So, select it wisely and make sure that it complements the shape of the diamond you are going for. For this, you must have the right knowledge about the metals available in the market, and you must know how to differentiate them. For example, silver looks a lot like platinum, but it really cheap, and platinum, on the other hand, is an expensive metal.

Narrow Down the Shape

Now, it’s time to figure out the shape of the metal for the ring. It means that you have to decide the placement of the diamond as well as the overall shape of the ring. Even if you are not going for a custom made engagement ring, this step is still very important. So, make sure that you figure the design details before buying a ring because you don’t want to regret your decision later.

Keep the Wedding Band in Mind

Lastly, while buying an engagement ring, keep the shape of your wedding band in mind. Both the band and the ring should complement each other and look good on your partner’s hand. It is only possible when you figure out the design and metal of the wedding band before you buy the engagement ring.

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