Wearing Jeans in Radio

[twitter]I wore a dress shirt to work last week and the teasing was immediate. “Got an interview?”, and “Why so dressed up?”, followed by “OOooohh fancy!” catcalls greeted me around every corner of the office all day and online.

That morning, I had felt like wearing a dress shirt instead of my usual tshirt, short sleeved shirt, or hoodie. So I put one on. It was nothing fancy, just a bright dress shirt, with a pair of new jeans and my usual loafers.

In most work places I would have been reminded that Fridays are casual, Tuesdays are not. Not in radio, I got the gears all day. Not over the jeans, over a dress shirt.

Radio is a different beast when it comes to dressing up, so even dressing down looks fancy. Jeans aren’t a big deal, they never are, it’s the top that tips the scales. Come to think of it, jeans are pretty much commonplace now. They’re dressed up, they’re dressed down, they’re casual, they’re fancy.

You can do #EverythingInJeans. Here’s proof:

Jeans On The Red Carpet

Ever since Britney and Justin went head to toe in denim at the 2001 American Music Awards, breaking the jeans ceiling for awards shows, jeans have been red carpet ready.

Britney and Justin in denim at 2001 AMA

Jeans At An Interview

I wore them this week to interview the CEO of a bank worth $3.1B. During the interview, he confessed that he usually wears jeans too, having had them on (on a Wednesday no less!) at work the day before.

Buzz Bishop and Peter Aceto at Weology Book Launch

Jeans In Bed

While wearing jeans to bed is never completely comfortable, I’ve crashed on a friend’s couch in the evening’s attire after a few too many. The best part is the next morning’s walk of shame is never embarrassing in jeans. Never.

Sleeping in Jeans
Image by TommyHJ on Flickr

Jeans At A Wedding

Blake Shelton wore jeans to get married to Miranda Lambert and while it didn’t end in happily ever after, he looks damn sharp.

Blake Shelton Denim Wedding
Photo by Robert Evans

Swimming With Jeans

In fact, jeans are totally acceptable pretty much anywhere. Except swimming. You still can’t / shouldn’t wear jeans swimming. Sure, you can look good, but that will never end well.

Run A Marathon in Jeans

There’s an entire subculture on the internet (not shocked) of people who like jogging in jeans. Some of them even crank out 26.2 miles in their denim, they love it so much.

Jeans at the Gym

Okay, I’m starting to stretch it. Swimming, running, working out, those aren’t really ‘practical’ places to wear your jeans, I’m just here to show you that people do it. And you can.

Jeans at the gym

Jeans Are Sexy

You can do #EverythingInJeans, and one of the sexiest commercials of the year proves it.

The average guy has 4 to 6 pairs of jeans and we love to wear them everywhere. Mark’s is embracing that denim culture with their #EverythingInJeans campaign.

For this program, I grabbed some of Mark’s own Denver Hayes denim and a pair of Levi’s 504. Low rise, regular rise, boot cut, dark, distressed, stretch. Each pair was different. Each pair was perfect for my #DadButt.

Need jeans? Check out Mark’s to find your fit.

Disclosure: This branded content appears in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes Canada.

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