Are you looking for the perfect food and wine pairing to try out? If yes, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll provide you with some perfect food-wine pairing suggestions that leave you yearning for more. Read on to explore these food and wine pairings worth trying out.

Champagne And Cheese

Champagne and cheese are a spectacular pair. Due to its carbonation, Champagne helps in breaking down the butterfat coating left by cheese on the palate, minimizing clashes, and leaving a perfect taste in the mouth. Whether your cheese is aged or fresh, Champagne’s toasty and ample acidity is an excellent choice to complement the flavor.

Cabernet Sauvignon And Steak

Individuals regularly visiting steakhouses are aware of how Sauvignon and steak pair perfectly. You understand the match after washing down a steak’s bite with a bold cab. Due to the wine’s astringency, it’s a perfect cleanser for fatty steaks. On the other hand, the protein acts as a wine’s softener, creating a smooth combination with a lot of weight.

Given that Cabernet Sauvignon comes in different styles, you’re at liberty to figure out the right pair for you. Since not all steaks are created similarly, you might want to adjust the wine depending on the cut. For instance, leaner steak pairs well with a lighter Cabernet, while fattier steak goes well with a bolder Cabernet.

Unless you’re making your steak and require a hefty wine for combination, avoid wine with high alcohol levels to avoid overwhelming your palate. You might also research to get the facts on the right kind of Cabernet to pair well with the type of steak you’re having.

Rose Wine And Pork

Pork sausages and salty, flavored grilled pork have found a superb match in Rose wine. The acidity of Rose wine acts as an excellent balance between meaty and fatty flavors. If you’re planning on having ham, ensure to have a Rose wine on the side since its crisp, tangy berry flavors are a great treat for the meat. Additionally, the wine’s pink color complements the ham accordingly.

Sangiovese And Pizza

Sangiovese is the Italian most famous grape red wine. It comes with firm tannins and plum, sour cherry, and cherry flavors. Its acidity pairs perfectly with the pizza’s tomato base, while the flavors balance the toppings.

Riesling And Scallops

Originating from the famous Rhine region of Germany, Riesling is known to be a sweeter wine. Nevertheless, Australian winemakers have been turning it into a dry, crispy wine, making it gather recognition globally. A Clare Valley or Eden Valley Riesling is characterized by striking acidity and citrus fruit, which pair well with food like scallops and other light seafood, such as shellfish and sashimi.

Pinot Noir And Duck

There are many perfect wine-food combinations, but a Peking duck served with Pinot Noir stands out. This wine brings the sweet, rich dark duck meat alive due to its cherry, wood smoke, and strawberry flavors. The wine’s acidity penetrates through the duck skin, while its savory forest floor and mushroom-like traits do wonders on the soft flavors on the tender roasted meat and marinated duck skin.

Shiraz And Steak

Shiraz wines from warm regions such as McLaren Vale or Barossa are crafted with rich and ripe fruits to enhance sweetness. This makes the wines a perfect combination for steak. Due to its fruit flavor, warm Shiraz balances the steak’s saltness, while its spiciness adds complex flavors to the combination.

Chardonnay And Chicken

After being tried and tested, Chardonnay and chicken are among the perfect food and wine combination around the globe. However, it’s essential to choose the right Chardy style for this combination to work. For instance, Chardonnay with butterscotch, richer, and toasty characters such as tropical fruit, natural peach, or melon pairs perfectly with a rich, roasted chicken. For lighter and fresher chickens, choose Chardonnay with grapes and white peach characters, with little or no oak.

Sauvignon Blanc And Goat’s Cheese Salad

Sauvignon Blanc is a fruit-driven wine from New Zealand. This wine pairs well with goat’s cheese. The acidity in both wine and cheese matches perfectly, resulting in a breathtaking combination.

Pinot Grigio And Pasta Primavera

Pinot Grigio is an easy-to-drink wine that comes with a citrusy profile. Besides pasta primavera, Pinot Grigio makes a perfect match for light dishes such as prawn cocktails, fried calamari, fish tacos, or light salads.


Nothing can separate food from wine. Where there’s food, there’s wine. However, to ensure the pair is perfectly matched, you need to know which wine goes well with which food. A perfect food-wine pair heightens the flavors and the other way round. A rule of thumb is that red wine goes well with proteins like meat, while white wine pairs perfectly with lighter foods like veggies, fish, or chicken.

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