Parallel 49 Seedspitter

Seedspitter | Parallel 49 | < $15

[twitter]Watermelon is the fruit du jour in the beer world, it seems.

Boxer Beer‘s Watermelon Beer has dominated ad space across televisions this summer, and I’ve been dying to try it. Good luck trying to find it though, many of the big chains won’t carry the brand. Go figure. It’s a 710 ml can with 8.5% alcohol to boot. Yikes.

Still, the commercials got to me and I’ve been wanting to have watermelon beer.

My wife got an email newsletter from Vitamin Daily describing some fruity summer beers, and low and behold Parallel 49‘s Seedspitter was featured. She piled off to pick one up and surprised me with a bottle when I got home.

So, what’s it like? Well, it tastes like a wheat beer. I got a lot of the orange and pepper tastes I get with Rickard’s White, but I didn’t get any watermelon. Jen says it’s a nice wheat beer with a “kiss of watermelon.”

I agree, it’s fresh and everything, but it’s not fruity. My favourite summer beer this year is still Big Rock’s Purple Gas.


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