Calgary Beer Is Back

Calgary brand beer

It’s a beer that’s made in Ontario named after Calgary that was only available in Saskatchewan – until recently. Calgary Beer, with the buffalo on it, is back.

Admittedly, I’m a microbrew beer guy. I’m the guy that drinks Moose Drool when I go on vacation, and I seek out more unique flavours from my brew. The mainstream Kokanee, Canadian, Blue, Pil, Bud, Coors etc just don’t cut it in my beer fridge. This beer is nothing special, it’s like the other mainstream brands.

BUT with a wife who works in the wine business, I know that a label or brand can sell itself regardless of what’s inside, and Calgary Beer is the perfect brand to have on shelves in the city.

Why did it leave? Demand waned in the mid 80s, so Carling O’Keefe discontinued the brew in Alberta in 1985. Then, magically, it was brought back in 1987 to be on shelves through the 1988 Olympics before it disappeared again. It did, however, remain on the shelves in Saskatchewan.

Calgary brand beerThen in 1992, with the brand now owned by Molson, the 100th anniversary of the brewery in Calgary was honoured with a limited run of cases before once again retreating across the prairie border.

And now it’s back again. Wondering why?

The Calgary Stampede is celebrating 100 years in 2012. A brew with a local name will, no doubt, do gangbusters.

You can buy cases of Calgary Beer at Sobey’s and Co-Op stores while Original Joe’s will be serving it up in restaurants.

Grab some while you can, because you know come August 2012, the buffalo will be running back to Sasaktoon.

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