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Mercato, a legendary purveyor of high end Italian cuisine in Calgary has started to spin off its brand into lighter, faster, more casual fare.

At Mercato West, they’ve turned part of their space into Pizza e Vino, a place to have a slice, a sandwich, and a glass. It’s perfectly casual and awesome.

In the Mission, a stand alone shop has been set up across the street from the original Mercato location. Bocce is a sleek, modern room with splashes of green accents.

Menu at Bocce Restaurant - Buzz Bishop

The food is fresh, quick, and casual. And, like Mercato, expensive.

Menu at Bocce Restaurant - Buzz Bishop

The calamari was delicious. Light and golden and just the right amount of bouncy texture.

Calamari at Bocce Restaurant - Buzz Bishop

The anitpasti platter was a little less inspiring. Some exotic cold cuts, drizzles of balsamic, figs, nuts, and cheese. It looked wonderful, but was a tad awkward to pick at with friends.

Antipasto at Bocce Restaurant - Buzz Bishop

The pizzas, however, were great.

Bocce is prepared for sharing, immediately bringing over the double decker pizza couch for your slices. (LEGO Movie fans will appreciate this invention)

Pizza at Bocce Restaurant - Buzz Bishop

Our night out for 4 featured the 2 appetizers, 2 pizzas, a couple of beers and glasses of wine. The total topped out over $170.

Bocce doesnt take reservations and when it first opened this summer, long lines were always present. However, when we went during Stampede, we arrived at 7p and were seated right away.

It was a fun, casual night out catching up with friends, but an expensive one. But that’s Mercato; worth it, if only every once in a while.

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