How To Find The Locations Of Calgary Food Trucks

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[twitter]There is a revolution happening on the streets of Calgary this summer, a food revolution.

One of the biggest trends for modern foodies is the food truck – a gourmet grease trough on wheels where spontaneous fusion is the focus. The wild creativity and personality of food trucks have given them their own hit tv show on the Food Network and once Calgary massages city by-laws to allow food vending in public places, we’ll have our fleet of food trucks too.

Since food trucks are mobile, their locations can change everyday. And that’s where the challenge lies in conquering your food truck cravings – finding them. Social media is what launched the food truck frenzy in Los Angeles. Using only social media, Kogi BBQ would announce their locations only to pull up to long lines of people already waiting for the awning to fly open. And that’s how it will work in Calgary.

Here’s how you can find the locations of Calgary Food Trucks:

Alley Burger Food Truck Calgary - 2Word of Mouth – When the trucks were “beta testing” the week before launch, finding out from friends was the best way to find a location. If you see a truck with their awning open, tell somebody. Their tastebuds will thank you for it. Since many food trucks don’t have huge storage facilities and can only serve a limited number of people they can, and do, sell out.

Twitter – Just as in LA, the revolution will work with social media. Each of Calgary’s food trucks has a twitter account and that’s the best way to find their locations and menu updates. @alleyburger, @perogyboyz, @jojosbbq, @fiascogelato, @chefmariomobile, @loscompadresmx, @fries_n_dolls, @thenoodlebus, @thenaacotruck

Facebook – If twitter isn’t your thing, they are also hammering down location updates on Facebook.

Aggregator in LA, many sites have popped up using mapping features to track the food truck movement to help you find them quickly. In Calgary, you can use and @yycfoodtrucks to track the trucks. Eat Street (the popular Food Network Show and smart phone app) promises a Calgary edition will be coming soon.

Eyes / Smell – seriously. Just open your eyes and look for the bright colours, long lines and then take a deep inhale of the vibrant scent. You’ll find them eventually.

Which of Calgary’s food trucks is your favorite?

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