Wieners of Waterton

[twitter]If I could open a restaurant, or set the wheels for a food truck in motion I’d go for simple comfort food in the form of a hot dog.

A few summers ago I chowed down at Buddha Dog, a unique joint that locally sources every element in the menu and serves up unique relishes and toppings for their slim weiners.

When camping at the Waterton Townsite this weekend with my son, my interest was piqued when I first spotted Wieners of Waterton on the Google Streetview map of Waterton.  When we drove into town, there was a line outside the door. It was set, I’d be grabbing one before we left.

The Wieners of Waterton menu is simple: hot dogs, smokies, and yam fries. They do unique things like opening up early and serving some smoothies, and breakfast hot dogs, but it’s a straight simple grill of goodness that they serve up here.

I ripped into a 1/4 pound Nathan’s Famous and enjoyed the simple perfection of it.  Then I bought a tshirt.  Sure, I could have gotten one that said “I <3 Wieners”, but I ended up grabbing the knock off Parks Canada logo featuring a beaver gnawing on a wiener. Awesome.

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