Maybe It Was Something I Ate #2 – Pozole at Añejo

Pozole at Anejo

Pozole | Añejo | $14

[twitter]15 years ago, a friend of my parents became an ordained priest in Mexico City. (I know, I know, this was before I admitted I was an atheist) After the ceremony, everyone went back to the neighborhood where a block party broke out. Different people had food carts set up with tacos, rice, and .. pozole. I fell in love, and have only had it once or twice since.

The history of the soup is fantastic as the Aztecs made it for celebrations. It was only fitting that at my wife’s birthday dinner I would dig in to a bowl at Añejo. Filled with cabbage, plump pieces of hominy, and pork, one spoonful brought me back to Mexico City. Love.

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