indian spiced hot chocolate

Indian Spiced Hot Chocolate | Analog Coffee | $4.70

[twitter]The YYC Hot Chocolate Festival is back for a second year, and despite the warm winter we’ve been having in Calgary, the effort is on to raise money for Calgary’s Meals on Wheels.

Analog Coffee is a storefront for one of the best boutique roasters in the city, Fratello Coffee. I’ve had a chance to visit their facility and help train their baristas for international competitions by acting as a rehearsal judge. These guys know coffee, they are passionate about coffee, and they are wonderful people.

The Indian Spiced Chocolate at Analog is a delightful mix of Analog’s Idle Organic Spiced Chai topped with Ghirardelli Chocolate (and the hazelnut brownie I saddled up alongside my cuppa was pretty awesome too). This is not that processed syrup stuff they squeeze into your milk at the chain coffee shops. This is real black tea, real orange zest, real cardamom pods. Mix that spicy, comforting blend with the richness of chocolate, and you have a winner.


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