montreal bagels

Montreal Bagels | 8408 Elbow Dr SW | $4.50 for 6

[twitter]Avenue Magazine is out with the annual Food issue. Inside are lists of the best restaurants, chefs, and menu items in the city. There’s a section canvassing 10 ‘notable Calgarians’ asking them what their favorite food is [I picked Mercato‘s caprese salad].

Then there is a list of 25 Best To Eat In Calgary. There’s Hutterite bacon, Peppino’s pasta sauce, Village Ice Cream, and Montreal Bagels.

I grabbed a crumpled paper bag of half a dozen and couldn’t wait until I was home to have my first bite. Oh, that is Montreal. Chewy, soft, sweet, and dense. The shop is a little non-descript and the decor is sparse – this is not your hipster coffee hut – but the bagels are all authentic.


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