Breakfast At The Blackfoot Truck Stop

Working Man’s Breakfast | Blackfoot Truck Stop Diner | $8.95

[twitter]“There’s not one single woman in here,” remarked the woman as she walked past me to slide into a well worn booth. “Well there is now.”

She wasn’t totally correct. In the room of about 30 patrons, there were about half a dozen women. 3 servers, the other 3 dotted about tables filled with big beards, bright construction clothes, and baseball hats.

I don’t know how to describe the allure of a classic, old school Truck Stop diner, but it has a magnetism. There’s an honest simplicity to it. There’s no pretense or flashiness. It’s regular people, regular food, in a regular atmosphere. That’s what The Blackfoot Truck Stop Diner has in spades. Kitschy candies and trinkets for sale at the cash. A veteran staff who call you “sweetie” and look after you with the same love your grandmother would share.

I ordered the Working Man’s Breakfast with a pancake, 3 sausages, some eggs, and toastAll the menu items carry hearty blue collar names from Trucker’s Breakfast to Farmer’s Breakfast to the CPR special. Even the mini breakfast boast a pork chop and eggs – that’s not mini.  Served with house made syrup and constantly refilled coffee, it was a wonderfully relaxing way to start the morning.

Blackfoot Truck Stop Diner

Blackfoot Truck Stop Diner

The Blackfoot Truck Stop Diner holds a special place in Calgary because of Edna Taylor. When I walked in the door, I saw a memorial sign for her and then, when I got the bill, there was her name again.

Blackfoot Truck Stop Diner

Edna bought the diner in 1956 and ran it with love and energy that made her, not just her restaurant, a Calgary classic. She passed away in July 2011, but her touches are everywhere. The moment you walk through the door you are greeted with a sign dedicating the place to her memory, and although I never met her, the entire diner experience tells me her spirit lives on.


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