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Lobster Summer | The Keg | Until August 31

[twitter]About 15 yrs ago I took a summer trip through the maritimes. I went from Halifax to Cape Breton Island. I drove the Cabot Trail, and then headed back to Pictou, NS where I boarded a ferry for PEI. After a few days in PEI, I came back through New Brunswick, stared at the Bay of Fundy, and flew home.

It was a wonderful week long trip where I played bingo and golf with the locals and ate a lot of lobster. Like a lot of lobster.

From lobster boils in church basements, to fresh off the boats in the harbour, to fast food delights, I lived off lobster for my entire trip.

In fact, I think I ate all the lobster.

Around the time of my visit, The Keg started celebrating Lobster Summer. Which is odd, because I thought ate all the lobster.

So this week, I tried again to eat all the lobster. The Keg invited a handful of media types down to sample their summer menu of lobster delights.

There was Szechwan Lobster, Crispy Lobster Tacos, Lobster Rolls, Surf and Turf, and Lobster Tails.

lobster appies

lobster tail


And, once again, I ate all the lobster.

All of it. I ate all of it, and then brought more of it home to have the next morning with some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Because I could.

Lobster Summer is on at The Keg until August 31. Go and eat some lobster, if there’s any left.

Disclosure: I was invited by The Keg to eat all their lobster at a media event.


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