The Happy Cow in Fernie

The Happy Cow | Fernie

[twitter]Handcrafted ice cream is hard to find. Usually the store is a front and the back is just a big freezer. The Happy Cow in Fernie is a factory of sorts. The ice cream is made right there behind the counter. What you’re getting is real, hand made, natural, perfect, classic ice cream.

The Happy Cow brags it is the home of “Fernie’s finest gourmet ice cream and desserts. Made in small batches using premium ingredients only. All natural. No artificial flavours or colour. It’s all real, for real!!!”

It’s easy to tell too. Order a mint chocolate chip ice cream and it won’t be neon green. The mint doesn’t come from an extract, it’s actual mint leaves chopped up in that dessert. Village Ice Cream in Calgary got my attention for this kind of mint ice cream. It’s Zacharie’s favorite flavour and he ordered it again at The Happy Cow. You could taste the mint leaves. The ice cream didn’t look green, but it tasted green. The mint was rich and fresh and had my tastebuds traveling back to Morocco where I sipped on many mint tea.

We also had a mango sorbet, and a banana cream pie. All wonderfully perfect on a hot summer escape to Fernie.


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