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Corn on the cob | $1.50 ea | Taber Cornfest

[twitter]Late August is corn season in Alberta, and there is none better than that which comes from Taber. Seriously.

When I first moved to Alberta, I didn’t get the Taber thing. I was from BC, where we have Chilliwack corn. Well, this weekend I got it. Like *really* got why Taber corn is best.

After having Chilliwack corn at my parents’ earlier in the month, Zacharie and I found ourselves at Cornfest in Taber the following weekend. What a difference a thousand kilometres can make.

Taber is the sunshine capital of Canada. It gets more of it than any other region in Canada (usually) and holds the title of Corn Capital of CanadaFrito Lay has production facilities here because the region is also tops when it comes to potatoes.

The sun warms the soil around the crop during the day, while the cool Alberta nights bring out the natural sugars. A sweet, crisp cob is the result making it a sought after late summer treat.

For $1.50, I grabbed my ear of Taber corn and bit into the most tender, explosively juicy ear of corn I’ve ever had in my life. If you were sitting across the table from me, you would have been soaked. seriously.

Taber Corn at Taber Cornfest

Now, let’s be honest, corn is just a vehicle for butter and salt, and that’s usually how I bathe mine, but not this one. Straight from the hot pot, it was nothing but pure corn bliss.

The best corn on the cob is from Taber, Alberta. There is no doubt.

Landing in town for Cornfest was just a coincidence, but what a fun afternoon we had. Take your Calgary Stampede / PNE midway and shrink it by about 95% and you have Taber Cornfest. It’s held in the community arena’s parking lot, and Zacharie and I had a good time visitng the vendors, and riding some small town rides.








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