Candy Cane Shake At Peters Drive-In[twitter]You know the burgers at Peters Drive-In are nothing special. It is nostalgia and tradition that keeps people coming back to the drive-in along the Trans Canada Highway in Calgary. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Peter’s Drive-In has been a staple for nearly 50 years (it started in 1964). It’s a part of the city’s culture and fabric. It’s more than just the burgers. They’re simple sliders (a single is a double) with ketchup, mustard, and relish. They’re messy, they’re good, but they’re not spectacular.

The shakes are pretty remarkable, and stand out against all the city’s drive-in burger joints. There are dozens, hundreds, thousands of combinations you can make. While I usually saddle up for a chocolate banana shake, this time around I got festive and went for candy cane while I shivered waiting in the -19 cold.

Peters Drive-In, Calgary

Oh, and I paid for it by debit. Yes, Calgary friends, Peters Drive-In has ditched the cashless only demand (although the signs are still everywhere) and has added debit machines. Will wonders ever cease?

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