Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake

Chocolate Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake | $75 | Simply Sweet Ltd

[twitter]We are not good birthday cake people. You just have to look at what happened to Charlie’s birthday cake last year to understand, so I wanted to to something special for Jennifer’s birthday this year.

If you want to know what’s happening in your local community, in Calgary you need to head to the social networks. All over Facebook, parents have organized themselves by community (like the West Calgary & Area Families Group I started) to gossip about local development and how to get their kids into school.

They also ask advice. Lots of advice. Who has a good dog sitter? Where’s the best pre-school? Where can I get a birthday cake? And it was that last question and answer that pointed me to Simply Sweet Ltd, a home bakery from Krista just 2 blocks away from me.

I saw the recommendation on Saturday, hit up her website to see her work, and within just a few clicks and email trading, I’d placed an order for a Louis Vuitton birthday cake featuring the brand’s monogram on a rich chocolate cake for my wife’s birthday.

We talked about doing a Louis Vuitton purse cake, but that was a little over the top. I saw a YouTube video for how to stencil a Louis Vuitton birthday cake, and thought that would be great. FYI, you can buy the Louis Vuitton birthday cake stencil online for $20 and then DIY using icing sugar, but I was too late to order it.

Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake
Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake

Krista at Simply Sweet Ltd, did one better, however, by hand cutting the pattern for the top of the cake. Now we’re not fans of fondant (I blame it on too many episodes of Cake Boss where we see that stuff manhandled to no end) but the carpet of sugary chocolate was pristine and made the cake look gorgeous. Inside, Krista’s cake was rich, dense, moist, and absolutely delicious. +1!

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