Paasstol - Dutch Easter Almond Paste Bread
Paasstol (Dutch Almond Paste Easter Bread) | Calgary Co-Op | $9.99 / loaf

[twitter]Christmas has all sorts of festive foods associated with it, Easter? Well I’m seeing lots of hams, lambs, AND turkeys in the grocery aisles this week. It’s really up to you. I mean, apart from Hot Cross Buns, I didn’t really think Easter had a traditional food.

The Dutch, however, have a very delicious Easter tradition: Paasstol, an almond paste fruit bread. Think of it as fruit cake, with a delicious almond paste ribbon running right through the center.

Calgary Co-Op stores dropped a few loaves off to the radio station this week for us to try. They buy this seasonal bread direct from a DPB Baking Company formerly known as the Dutch Pastry Boutique, so it’s down right legit.

The bread is wonderfully sweet. It’s crusty, soft, dusted in icing sugar and packed with all sorts of candied fruits and raisins inside. And then there is the almond paste.

Paasstol - Dutch Easter Almond Paste Bread

A tube of it runs right down the center with the idea being you scoop it out with your knife and use it as a spread for the entire slice. Calgary Co-Op includes a handy instruction card right with your loaf of Paasstol.

Paasstol - Dutch Easter Almond Paste Bread

Cut, Scoop, Spread, Eat. It is a wonderful Dutch tradition that in a multicultural city like Calgary feels totally Canadian.


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