Croque Dog at Steamers

Croque Dog | Steamer’s At Rogers Arena | $7.50
[twitter]The Vancouver Canucks took more control of their food services in the off season, so that meant an overhaul of the offerings at Rogers Arena.

There’s Smoke’s Poutinerie, White Spot, as well as your pizza kiosks, beer stands. In the Club Seats you can get lobster rolls, hand carved beef sandwiches, and chicken stir fries. All of those were fine, but none had a line.

People could easily get in and get out with what they wanted. Except at the hot dog stand named after Stan Smyl (hey I met him!). The Steamer has two corners of the rink one of the 100 level, the other in the 300s where you can chow down on Steamer’s Gourmet Hot Dogs.

The joint serves Nathan’s Famous dogs which are, curiously, not steamed, but grilled. There are 8 choices on the menu ranging from $5.50 for a plain tube steak to $7.50 for the more dolled up dogs.

Stan Smyl and Buzz Bishop

Glendon Dog: Potato and cheese perogy, sauerkraut, onions, sour cream, chives.
Poutine Dog: Cheese curds, gravy, hickory sticks, fried potatoes
Southwest Dog: Pulled pork, barbeque sauce, coleslaw
Flora Dog: (Veggie Dog) Mixed legumes, celebration of vegetables, spicy mayonnaise.
Maui Firedog: Spicy peppers, pineapple, chili mayonnaise, cilantro.
Bartley’s Famous: Bacon-wrapped, onions, cheddar cheese, mustard.
Croque Dog: Gruyere, strawberry jam, dijon, ham

Steamers Menu

While many were picking a Bartley’s (named for the arena chef), probably because of the bacon, I had a Croque Dog. This could stand alongside anything of Tubby Dog‘s eclectic Calgary menu – without the mess. The dijon and gruyere had a kick, the ham and jam mellowed it out, while one of Nathan’s Famous just sat there and took it all. Perfect.

I inhaled it in 4 fast bites wishing I could line up for another. It was awesome. Easily the best new food offering at Rogers Arena and worth the line.

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Steamers at Rogers Arena



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