Village Ice Cream

Kid’s Cones | $3 | Village Ice Cream, 431 10th Ave SE

[twitter]You don’t need to wait until summer to get a hit of the best ice cream in Calgary.

In fact, we didn’t even bother to sit inside to have our cones at Village Ice Cream this weekend. It was +5, and after returning from Mexico, we had patio on the brain and I took the boys down to the village for some ice cream.

Village Ice Cream has long been a love of social media darlings in Calgary, and I don’t know why it took me 18 months to finally saddle up to the bar and ask for some scoops.

Well maybe because it takes a small effort to find the shop on a dead end street on the back side of Victoria Park. It’s hidden behind the tall towers, but if you trust your Google Maps, you’ll get there. Pro tip: park on the street. The angled spots in the lot may look easy and tempting, but backing out will be tough, so just walk the extra half block and grab a spot on the street.

When they handed me our cones, I wasn’t sure I had received the right flavours. A mint chocolate cone that looked like vanilla? A strawberry cone that looked a little grey?

Well, never mind the neon dyes we normally find in consumer ice cream, this stuff was RICH in flavour, as in bursting, as in #omnomnom.

Later that night I cracked a pint of salted caramel. Wow. My wife said it was almost too salty, I disagree. The level of salt only served to perfectly amp the taste up. It wasn’t caramel with a hint of salt, it was salted caramel.

I’m disappointed I waited this long to get in line and have some Village Ice Cream. Bring on summer.


Top image via Village Ice Cream

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