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Lobster Supper | $25 | Earl’s Shepard Flats
[twitter]I love lobster. My wife does not.

When Earl’s fired out invitations to attend a dinner in advance of The Lobster Event October 3-5, I left the family at home, shouted SINGLE! and ran out the door.

Next weekend thousands of live lobsters will be flown from the Atlantic to Earl’s restaurants across North America (they have a bunch in Denver and Seattle, dontchaknow?). Thursday, Friday, Saturday they will serve up good ole Lobster Boils with sourdough bread, fingerling potatoes, corn on the cob, grilled lemon and .. a whole lobster.

I sat in with the crew from Global Television and while Cara Fullerton was polite with her picking, Reid Fiest dismembered his dinner like Dexter. Growing up with parents who hosted many summer lobster boils, he coached us how to separate the body, suck on the legs, crack the claws, and hand dredge into the chardonnay butter.


Pro tip #1: You can ask to take the bucket of shells home with you to make your own bisque or broth. I had never thought of it until they offered. OMG, yes. I scooped up 4 plates full of pieces and will be relishing in the memory of the feast.

Pro tip #2: You can call ahead and reserve your lobster at Earl’s. The restaurant doesn’t take dinner reservations, but if you want a lobster, call ahead and they’ll mark it for you. In the Yukon, people actually order a lobster for the table and one to go. $25 for a lobster dinner is a great deal anywhere, even more so up north where they don’t really get them that often.

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