Maybe It Was Something I Ate: Turducken

Turducken | Echelon Foods | Available at Calgary Co-Op

[twitter]A duck inside a chicken inside a turkey. A turducken.

This is culinary bucket list material for me. I love trying new and exciting foods, my wife not so much. She’s not even a fan of turkey, so to go out and get a whole turducken (they feed anywhere from 8-15 people) is out of the question.

When Echelon Foods brought one for the staff at XL103 this week, I grabbed the first slice.

It’s a thing of beauty, this meat masterpiece.

It’s spicier than I thought, that’s probably a function of the stuffing more than anything.

Best part? It’s meat.. all meat. The turkey gets deboned, laid flat and all the meat is laid on top of each other before the bird is rebuilt. This one even kept the legs in so it still “looks” like a turkey. But then you slice it up and there’s no messy carving, it’s just beautiful slices of multiple flavours of meat. I had seconds. And thirds. And took leftovers home.

Oh, and the turducken is just the beginning. The idea of roasting animals inside each other started in the Middle Ages in Georgia where a festive dish of ox, calf, lamb, turkey, goose, duck, and chicken were all roasted inside each other. I believe that’s called “A Noah’s Ark.” Wow. I need to go to Georgia (the ex-Russian republic, not Atlanta).

If you’re looking for a Turducken in Calgary, it’s easy to get one from Calgary Co-Op Stores.

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